Friday, July 10, 2009

4th of July Parade Fun Part 1

We debated for almost an hour as to whether Carson was old enough this year to stay up late for fireworks. Being the lame parents we are, he once again was in bed by 8:30 pm. But he did get to experience $20 worth of fireworks at Nana & Poppa's during the daylight hour of 7:30.

Earlier in the day we attended the Hillsboro parade. Wow, very underwhelming but cute. Note to self: do not sit at the end of the parade route just so you can make a quick escape when it's over. Why? Because apparently the parade participants did not get the memo that the parade actually ended 2 blocks past us and a whole bunch actually turned off in the parking lot one block before us.

But boy did Carson look adorable in his cowboy outfit!

Pre-parade pics!

Did I mention it was around 90 degrees!!
Waiting and wondering when the parade would start.
The parade wave that never stopped!

Check out the pile o' candy on Carsn's right side. He was lovin' the parade!
And the next day goofing around with Uncle Ga at Aunt Liza's horse show. Yup, same outfit. Couldn't peel him out of it.

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