Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Part 1

Once again I am WAY behind. And the guilt is made worse by the fact that Cousin Becky (author of Nine is Fine- a must read blog) is totally showing me up with practically daily blog posts . . . and she has NINE children. Excuses aside, here goes!


The eagerly anticipated 3rd birthday went off without a hitch! We have broken the curse of Carson getting sick for his parties (1st- croup, 2nd-Hand, Foot & Mouth disease)!

This year was fantastically easy with the party at Pump It Up Jr. No cleaning before, no crazy food prep, no decorating, no cleaning afterward. AWESOME!

10 hyper kids ran and played at full blast for an hour in a maze of blow up toys. Then we all headed to the party room for a half hour of snacks, cupcakes, and gift opening.

Daddy Jeremy was a hero and traced and cut superhero capes for all of the guests. I decorated matching masks for the full effect. It was so cute!


Boys causing trouble at the drinking fountain!The party room ready for guests, snacks, capes, and masks!
Lucas & Carson
Ellie & Carson
BFF- Ian
Max, Ian, & Kellen
A good-bye and thank you hug! I love you man!

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