Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Part 2

A birthday isn't complete without family! All three sets of Carson's grandparents, his Aunt Liza & Uncle Ga, Great Aunt Kiki & her friend Peter all joined us to celebrate.
We planned to host everyone on our back patio but woke up to rain! In July! Fortunately my parents live three driveways down and graciously offered to let us move the party (actually I called them and told them we would be showing up at 10 with all the food and guests).
Many presents and yummy cupcakes later, Carson was officially partied out.

Remote control monster truck!

Superhero theme reigned supreme!

Yes, those are real scissors. Poppa is now banned from future babysitting jobs.
Hugs for Grandpa Rader

The big finale . . . a "big boy" bike with real pedals!
Hugs for Great Aunt Kiki (who drove all the way up from California)
Hugs for Grandpa Levy
Hugs for Grandma Levy

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