Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Baby Keaton Could be on the Way!

Midwife checked me today after a week of a non-stop contractions . . .

Now 3 cm dilated (from 1 last week)

and 95% effaced (from 50% last week).

She said he is pretty much locked and loaded, estimating him to be about 7 pounds.

She said she'd prefer him to stay in there a few more weeks but said she's be surprised if I made it to my next appointment.

She EVEN had the nerve to half-jokingly say she thought I might already be in labor.


It's quite possible.

Checking my cervix caused me to have much longer, more frequent, and much more uncomfortable contractions. And that hasn't stopped all night. Plus, stop reading if you're squeamish, but there is a fair amount of "leakage" going on.

When my water broke with Carson, it was a massive gush. No questions about what had happened.

This time there seems to be a trickle effect going on. Enough that three of my friends demanded I call the midwife on duty.

Midwife on duty gave us a list of options. So as of right now, we're sitting tight at home waiting.

And let me be clear that the stress level around here is at nearing peak levels.

From the time I left the midwife's office until 5:30, I was typing with flying fingers, coping copius amounts, and trying like mad to tie up loose ends in case I didn't make it back to the office tomorow. Sweat was dripping down my brow and I was talking to myself like a crazy woman.

Why? Because I just sold a house this afternoon which means a mountain of paperwork and lots of things to schedule and do. AND I have a new listing that is supposed to go active tomorrow which is also a lot of paperwork and logistics.

I was mentally preparing for a delivery on Saturday or later. NOT today.

Jeremy is (I love you honey) extremely tense and stressed. The vibes are rubbing off on Carson and I so I really would like him to just have one drink to chill out.

Carson, I can't lie, watched tv from 6-7:30 tonight as we worked madly on packing bags, installing the carseat, typing instructions, getting the cats set up for a long indoor vacation, doing laundry, etc, etc, etc.

From here on out, I will try to post daily updates. If a few days go by without a post, we may just have a new baby!


  1. Keep us posted!!! This is so exciting:)

  2. Cousin Becki10:50 PM

    I am so excited to meet Keaton!!! When I read the post I thought you wanted Carson to have a drink...start them early I guess!! Good luck. Lots of love!!!


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