Sunday, August 16, 2009

Joys of Country Life

We absolutely LOVE living in the country and can't imagine ever living in a neighborhood again. Yesterday while we put the finishing touches on the nursery, Carson rode his Gator around the field. He is super proficient with the two gear and reverse. We don't worry about him at all.

We were working on the valence and happened to see out the nursery winow the cutest scene ever! Jeremy raced to grab the camera and capture the moment!

FOLLOW UP NOTE: I started this post earlier this afternoon and now I'm finishing this post this evening. We had almost tramatic event involving the gator . . . which I wrote earlier that we never worry about.
First Carson learned this evening about X-treme gatoring. He puts it into 2nd gear and flies down the gravel path at top speed. Then he lets off the gas which is the equivalent of jamming on the brakes. He skids down the path fishtailing and spewing gravel.
It was driving his Daddy CRAZY because Daddy is very anal about his gravel path. I, on the other hand was cracking up . . .at Daddy's ultimate frustration and the fact that he has forgotten what it's like to be a kid and doesn't have much patience for it.
Then as Daddy and I were relaxing on our patio swing, I hear 2nd gear wind up, tires flying down gravel. But then Daddy says aloud, mostly to himself, "Look forward, look forward, (voice increasing in volume and stress level), LOOK FORWARD!"
And then a giant crash!
We lept up (I rolled right, fell out off the swing) and ran for the orchard. Carson had crashed head-on into a tree. My heart did jump into my throat envisioning a concussion and picturing my child's limp boy on the hood of the gator.
However he was just stunned by the event and more worried about his trucks that went flying out of the dump bed than anything else.
Any my dear husband, instead of worrying about a trip to the ER, was feeling the tree for damage!! No kidding.
The tree actually did sustain damage and now has to be staked. Keep in mind, this is at a 10+ year old apple tree! It isn't small! It's rocking down to the roots! Poor thing.
I told Carson that he is in danger of losing his Gator license. Dangerously close.

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