Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Keaton is now 6 days old!

Time flies when you're living in 3 hour segments! Still having to wake him up to feed him but he turned a corner at midnight Sunday! He's consistently eating at least 2 ounces or more which is a huge success for him.

He still sleeps a lot and poops even more! Every single diaper is poopy and we're going through them like crazy. Don't remember that about Carson.

Keaton is quickly earning the nickname "Little Tooter". He has quite a noisy tushie and it is so funny to hear him toot with every stretch.

Carson LOVES his brother! He is so gentle with him and gives him so many pats and kisses. And yesterday went MUCH better than the weekend. Just getting back in his routine, going to school, having a picnic before swim class with Daddy, and having a very successful swim class put him in a much better mood.

I am busier than busy with work and trying to figure out how to balance it all. Not to get too graphic (especially since our family blog is apparently now public knowledge at my office) but breast feeding is almost as disasterous as it was the first time.

To recap, with Carson I lasted all of 9 days of pumping breastmilk for him since that was the only option. My goal with Keaton, since he was early and is so small is too last at least until he is caught up, so 4-6 weeks.

Pumping sucks. Jeremy feeds Keaton his night bottles while I sit on the couch hooked up to the dairy grade sucker. Our consult with the lactation specialist left her shaking her head, stumped as to why my mammaries are so faulty.

The bright side of pumping, if you can call it that, the device that might just encourage me to keep going is a RIDICULOUS contraption that allows for "hands free" pumping! Please try not to get any mental images but at least now I can multi-task while I empty my jugs!

However, I can only go as far as the plastic hoses connecting me to the torturous pump. I'm looking into how many I can string together to increase the length of my tether and perhaps vaccum while I pump?

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