Sunday, August 23, 2009

4 day old Keaton update-good news

Like a prize boxer, Keaton had his "weigh in" appointment this morning. We were very nervous, as this is nothing like our first week with Carson, who ate like a champ and gained a pound a week for the first few months.

But as everyone is pointing out, newborn weight loss is actually more "normal" than our abnormal Carson.

The great news is that our little bird-legged doll of a baby is holding his own. Still 6.3 and his bilirubin levels are in the normal range. So even though getting him to wake up and eat is a chore, we're doing something right.

Who ever thought we'd be setting our alarm to wake up our baby every 3 hours to feed him!

He is a super sweet little guy with intense blue eyes and downy soft blonde hair!

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