Saturday, August 22, 2009

More Pics of TEENY TINY Keaton!

Since Keaton is soooo small and losing weight by the day (common for early babies), he sleeps all day and night. So just catching up on pics for everyone!

Heading to the hospital at 8 am Wednesday morning!Oops! Another contraction! They've been coming every 2 minutes for over an hour. In no particular order . . .

Aunt Liza Grandma & Grandpa Levy all the way from Sheridan!
Big brother Carson checking Keaton out from afar.
This isn't so bad!
Definitely brothers!
A few hours from going home on Thursday.
Too beautiful!

Uncle Ga

Heading home but not in the car seat we showed up with! Keaton is too small for ours so we had to buy another one from the hospital store. It's horrible!
Bye-bye uncomfortable hospital Daddy bed!
First night home was good. Keaton is very small and sleepy so we have to wake him up every 3 hours to feed him.
Friday we took Keaton to his first doctor's appointments. He is doing well but still losing weight. Started at 6.11, left the hospital at 6.5 and is down to 6.3. A bit scary and he is now on preemie formula for the extra calories. We're supposed to be feeding him at every possible opportunity but he's just not eating enough.
The good thing is that he's doing well in all other aspects.
Today, Saturday we're a bit frustrated and nervous. Keaton just isn't eating enough and sleeps 24/7. My breastmilk finally came in (I pump every 3 hours) so Keaton is getting that as well, when we can get him to eat.
Carson came home Friday night and loves his brother. Lots of pats and he brings him toys and blankets. However, today he started acting out. Meltdowns right and left on our errands. It was less than enjoyable but not unexpected.
Tomorrow we head back to the doctor for a weigh-in appointment in the morning and a lactation consult in the afternoon. Hopefully all goes well!
We had to buy him a few preemie outfits since we don't have a single outfit that even comes close to fitting him! Carson was almost 3 pounds larger at this time! The preemie stuff will hopefully be outgrown soon and then we can start buying him some Newborn sizes, which we don't have either!

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  1. I love that even though he was early, he still weighed more than Emma (6lb 9oz). Emma lost almost 1 pound before she started gaining weight. Keaton is sooo cute. I showed Aunt Pam your blog last night so I think we have all officially seen the cutie pie! And, off topic, we got to see pics of Jared's GIRLFRIEND!


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