Saturday, August 15, 2009

Nursery Finally Ready & 36 Weeks Pregnant!

Keaton's nursery is finally finished! Here is the finished product! Bedding came first and established the color theme. Then the realization that we had a beautiful piece of artwork (thank you Nana & Poppa) from Kauai.

And the loosely based surfing theme was born.

I say "loosely: because certain people, who will remain unnamed (but you know who you are), tend to go THEME CRAZY! And this is pretty much the extent of the surfing stuff you will ever see.

The handmade wood inlay surfboards arrived from the east coast and are beautiful! And I love the French Memory board I made (pat pat on my back)! Close up pics below!

The valence was a bitch (pardon my french) but just like the cooking show "Semi-Homemade with Sandra Lee" it is a combination of an already made tab top valence with a little handiwork with scissors, a staple gun, some L brackets, a piece of MDF, and iron-on hem tape. It'll get the job done, just don't look closely.

And finally, the reason I am so DONE being pregnant! Lugging this large child around in my belly even one more week may just do me in.
I am now 36 weeks pregnant, 17 pounds heavier than when I started, and stretched to my max. I am hoping, praying, and begging for Keaton to arrive next weekend. There is no way in God's green earth that I will make it another 4 weeks, let alone 5 weeks if he follows in his brother's footsteps of being a week late.
36 weeks with Keaton
36 weeks with Carson- I see a BIG difference! Tomorrow I promise to find time to post some cute pics that I just found on the camera of Carson at the county fair and some we took just today of him picking apples in our orchard!


  1. holy moly! I was hoping people were kidding when they said the second one was usually bigger. My friend just had her baby (5 weeks early) and he weighed 6.02 pounds! Her first baby (1 week late) weighed around 6.5 pounds. Ugh. Good thing hers came early, it would have been one big baby. You look great by the way!

  2. I love the room and your preggo pics comparing 3yrs ago and now!! WOW!!! Still can't believe you are exercising all the time this far along! You ROCK! can't wait to meet Keaton!

  3. I do notice a difference, BUT you look amazing! The nursery is adorable and as a fellow theme person, I LOVE the surfing theme. SUPER CUTE!!!


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