Sunday, August 02, 2009


I really didn't think that hot weather would bug me but I was dead wrong! The triple digits multiple days in a row this past week about put me over the edge!

Keaton is following almost exactly in Carson's pre-natal footsteps. I started contractions in earnest with Carson around 34.5 weeks. Yesterday I couldn't stop the contractions once they started, and I'm at 34 weeks. I stubbornly refused to got to triage. They mostly stopped overnight.

And after spending 3.5 hours in the direct, hot sun at the Washington County Fair today, surprisingly, I didn't have very many contractions. Tonight they're coming and going but not consistent. The rule I'm supposed to follow is: no more than 4 an hour for 3 hours in a row. If more, then I get to go in to triage.

My 34 week midwife appointment is Tuesday and I'm hopeful that she'll just confirm things are progressing as expected BUT no bedrest. I'm even willing to give up working out if it means I can keep working. The real estate market waits for no one and it's just too busy right now for bedrest.

I do have to share the cutest Carson story. About every other day we have the SAME conversation on the way to school and it goes like this:

Carson: What is Nana's name?
Me: Kelly

C: What is Poppa's name?
M: Gary

C: What is Daddy's name?
M: Jeremy

C: What is your name Mommy?
M: Kristin

C: What is Ga's name?
M: Jeff

C: What is Liza's name?
M: Liza
C: No Mommy! What is Liza's NAME?
M: Liza

I can't help but laugh every time. Poor kid just doesn't understand since everyone else has a real name :-)

Another cute one:

After Carson helped me run many errands and spent 45 minutes at my office on Saturday, I thanked him for helping me.

His response: No problem Mommy!

I love the random grown-up phrases that he throws out there completely in context. I chuckled as did the woman in front of us in line at JoAnn Fabric.

KEATON's Nursery:

The nursery is coming along and we ended up accidentally falling into a surfing theme due to a beautiful piece of art my parents shipped to us from Kauai awhile back. We've never found the right place for it until Keaton's walls were painted and bedding was in place.

The brown, blue, and tan compliments the hand-painted Kauai art of a Woody station wagon, a sunset, and a surfer standing on the beach. I searched the Internet and found a man who hand-makes miniature surfboards out of several different types of wood. Simple and understated yet artsy and classy.

I ordered a two-tiered shelf with two vertical surfboads and two horizontal shelves AND a horizontal surfboad coat rack. The woods match the woods of the crib and changing table almost perfectly.

I also found a neat distressed wooden board at Craft Warehouse in complimentary color and am mounting white distressed letters on it for Keaton's "name board". Looks very beachy.

Lastly, I (a bit Martha here) am making a French memory board. Found a pale blue suede fabric that is a pretty close match to the crib bedding and ribbon that mimics the brown stripes in the wooden surfboards. I'm pretty darn happy with how it's all turning out! Will post pics as soon as it's all put together.

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