Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Unexpected Excitement with Midwife!

Today was my 34 week appointment and I was very apprehensive about getting jailed on bed rest. I selfishly want to keep working out but was very honest about how things are going.

Clues (looking back) that something was amiss.

1. Keaton, a mover and a shaker, hasn't been moving as much in the past week. A little worrisome but wasn't in the dangerous category.

2. I kept having to push down on my belly to be able to breathe.

So back to today's appointment:

Midwife measures my belly, right on track at 34.5.

Proceeds to push around to make sure everything feels right.

Looks surprised and asks, "How long has he been head up?"


I didn't freak out but was not happy, as I do NOT want a c-section. She explained that for the next two weeks it will be more possible to manipulate Keaton physically or with a type of acupuncture. However, once I hit 36 weeks, it gets ugly.

So she spent the next 5 minutes "encouraging" Keaton to get back into the head down position. It was somewhat painful and very strange. I could actually feel him spinning around inside me, which made me laugh, which made it hurt even more.

She was successful! Yay!

However, Keaton is now putting a LOT of pressure on my bladder since he is head-butting it. I've had to pee every 5-10 minutes ever since. LAME but I will take that over a c-section. Also, the kickboxing movements inside me have returned and I'm about 10x more uncomfortable with his tushie in my rib cage.

The other good news is that I'm cleared for working out!! No more dilated than last time and my cervix is only a tiny bit shorter. YAY!!! I'm so happy!

I go back in a week to make sure he's staying head down. Fingers crossed!

Carson Update:

OMG SWIM CLASS WAS THE WORST YET. Jeremy decided it was his turn to hang out in the air conditioned viewing room and I could suffer in the sauna/swampy hot pool room.

This was probably the worst decision yet. Carson walked over to the pools steps obediently. Good so far.

Carson sat down next to Sol, his fun buddy and they splashed and laughed. Still going well and the goggles were still on.

Then Sol and Teacher Sierra bobbed off across the pool. Carson turns to look at me and bursts into tears, "ME NO WANNA SWIM!!!!" Sobbing ensues. Violently sobbing.

I smiled encouragingly, stood up, waved good-bye, and then hightailed it across the pool deck. Wailing and screaming sounds followed behind me. I hid behind a giant blue mat.

The former teacher in me knows this is just a phase. I know that kids are usually worse for their parents, hence me leaving.

Then the teacher spies me hiding and flags me over. Nothing I say or do calms him down. So we call in the big guns. Daddy is flagged down from his air conditioned comfort.

I resume hiding and Daddy tried to calm Carson down. I'm watching it all transpire from the front desk where no one can see me.

I then see Teacher Sierra call in back up. Another teacher gets into the pool to continue teaching Sol so Carson can have some one-on-one. I am DYING!! Remember, I'm the jerky mother who complained about the other kid (who by the way is mercifully absent tonight).

In the end, we ended up having to leave class early ($16 for 3 minutes in the pool). Next week, Daddy has to get back in the pool with Carson.

We're going to finish out this session but it's looking more and more like we're going to have to withdraw from the fall session. I can't stomach wasting any more money and perhaps we just need to allow Carson to get through this "slump" in other ways.

Please, please, please let next week go better!!!!

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  1. Good job on flipping the baby, Kristin! We had a head up the whole time, and that led us to the ugliest of ugly routes (which I won't share at this time except to say that we are still healing from the whole event).
    Anyway,I am crossing my fingers for you - but you won't need it. He'll stay. :)


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