Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ahhh, Sleep . . . But Controversial Sleep

So we inadvertantly discovered that "Little Buddy" is a tummy sleeper. This is a big no-no in light of the years-old "Back to Sleep" campaign to reduce the rate of SIDS.

And if it weren't for the fact that all of us 30-something year olds slept on our tummies, I might be less inclined to do it. But when Keaton sleeps, we sleep. And when we sleep, we are all nicer to each other, less likely to go postal, and spend less money supporting Starbucks.

So yes, for the last three nights, Keaton has slept deliciously well, only waking twice each night to eat . . . on his tummy with his cute little tushie poking up in the air.

I researched SIDS, listened to the horror stories, and welcomed the emails and calls from the other moms that came out of the tummy-sleep-closet to provide support for our decision.

We bought an AngelCare Monitor to worry a little less at night. Tonight is our first night with it. Interesting contraption that requires a piece of plywood over the crib springs, then an electric mat, then the mattress. On top is the tummy sleeping baby whose every movement is tracked by the mat. If the mat doesn't sense any movement for more than 15 seconds, an alarm shrieks wildly to wake the baby and sleeping parents.

I read all the reviews and talked to a few moms who used it. Aside from an occasional false alarm, they all said it increased their comfort level.

Little Buddy is still super easy. No Mr. Murphy, I don't want to bring your wrath upon me but I'm very hopeful that we're going to get away without colic again. I'm bound and determined to prove our pediatrician wrong, a family can have two easy babies. Pulease!!!!

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