Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cute Candids of K & C

I really do love blogspot and how easy it is to use. However it's been having all kinds of formatting issues lately. Too much space between paragraphs, no space between paragraphs, pictures don't drag and drop, and once in awhile, a horizontal picture refuses to upload horizontally.

So love or hate technology, the cute pic below of Keaton & Harley refuses to load horizontally. Hopefully you can just turn your laptop sideways :-) At this point, I think our giant cat weighs double our youngest son.

Our cats are not allowed on the furniture (they're rarely allowed in the main house, although it's now up to 2-3 evenings a week) but we pretended not to notice Harley sleeping cozily on the pillow next to Keaton. The cat didn't even realize a baby was next to him!

Carson's latest self-dressing ensemble . . . oh dear lord I hope we don't have to leave the house today!
Show us those awesome socks buddy!
The boys and I had a fun outing to Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Usually I just go through the drive-thru for the cup o' doughnut holes for Carson but this time we actually went inside, saw the tail end of doughnut production, and then Carson actually got to pick out a doughnut from the case. Chocolate covered original with sprinkles!
And yes, that is a sticker on his forehead and a rain coat on!
Last night we went out to our favorite local burger joint (Helvetia Tavern for the curious) and drove completely out of the parking lot and partway home before we realized that we'd left the diaper bag under the table!! It's amazing how much stuff you have to remember with a baby. Oops.
Keaton is such a easy baby! I probably shouldn't even write that down because I'll jinx it but it's so true. He only wakes up twice a night and for the most part goes right back to sleep after eating. When he is awake he just hangs out peacefully looking around and taking it all in.
He sleeps through the loudest noises a 3 year old brother can make, and miraculously, Carson can sleep through Keaton's short bursts of crying in the middle of the night as well.
Yesterday was D-Day. September 12 was Keaton's due date. All week long I've been dreading it because so many moms have told me stories of early babies morphing from calm, sleeping infants into colicky nightmares on their due dates.
No instant change yesterday and I know we're not out of the colic woods yet but I still keep hoping that since Carson didn't have it, Keaton won't either. Please keep your fingers crossed for us! We're bound and determined to prove to our pediatrician that a family can have two easy babies. He's convinced otherwise.
I'm still battling off the mastitis and trying to wean my "girls" off the pump. It's still painful, frustrating, and time consuming but since there is an end in sight, I try to focus on that. At least I was able to get back to work full time on Tuesday.

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