Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Don't Know!

So at least once a day someone asks me, "How much does Keaton weigh now?" I have no idea and we don't go in for another doctor's appointment for two more weeks so now it's driving me crazy.

Plus the competitive side of me is dying to know what he weighs since Carson weighed over 12 pounds at 4 weeks. Keaton is definitely not there since everyone still comments that he looks like a newborn . . . at what point does he switch from newborn to infant?

4 weeks ago today, Keaton popped out at 6 lbs 11 oz. This morning I popped him into the hanging veggie/fruit scale in the produce section of Winco. I prayed no employees would stop me and deliverately avoided eye contact with the other shoppers.

The results . . . nearly 9 pounds. That can't be right. Even fully clothed and with a full diaper that seems high.

I tried our antique scale at home with the old fashioned method of weighing myself and then weighing both of us.

The results . . . 8 pounds.

Can't help it. I insist on accuracy. I called our pediatrician's assistant and made an appointment for tomorrow, just to weigh Keaton. She probably thinks I'm a nut case but I don't care.

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  1. You can weigh him at the lactation clinic at the hospital. They have a scale near the bathroom. I took Tyler there all the time until he turned one. I was obsessive.


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