Friday, September 18, 2009

Major milestones!

Big Milestones this past week!

Keaton weighed in officially at 8 lbs 11 oz on Thursday. Which means two things!

1. He's gained almost 2 pounds in the last two weeks! Wow!

2. Had he been born at the same time his brother was (40 weeks 6 day), which just happens to be today, he would have weighed exactly the same!! 8 lbs 12 oz . . . interesting coincidence!

Keaton shares another fun fact with Carson . . . constipation issues.

I was giddy and bragging about how great a sleeper Keaton is. Only getting up once or twice a night. Murphy's Law kicked in and the last two nights have been awful!

I think though we pinpointed it to a poop problem. I'm down to pumping 3x/day which means Keaton is getting more formula than breastmilk and he is pooping a lot less frequently.

He does not sleep well without pooping first. Gross and sad, but true. So similar to Carson, I ran out to get a different formula yesterday. Hopefully things go better tonight.

Clothing milestone! I packed up the Newborn sized clothes and celebrated the move to "big boy" 0-3 month clothes! I'm in seventh heaven getting to dress him up like my own little doll! And of course, it is a great excuse to go SHOPPING!

Another milestone! We were able to ditch the hospital mandated car seat today! Yay! Back to our carseat. Pros and Cons to both but at least now it's easier to get him in and out of it. Still small enough to require bolsters.

Daddy and his mini-me sleeping on the couch! With each passing day, Keaton looks more and more like Jeremy!

Sleep deprivation has kicked in. This was the part I was dreading the most (aside from pumping) and am counting down the days until Keaton is sleeping through the night or at least only getting up once.
Fortunately now that I'm almost weaned off the pump, I don't have to pump and feed him at each waking at night so things go a bit faster. I can't WAIT to pack up that evil machine and be done.

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