Thursday, November 19, 2009

Oops It's Been Awhile

Getting sick, moving into your parents, and turning 34 all in the same weekend can lead to belated blogging.


Carson started soccer class with MUCH enthusiasm!!! After a family ride on Max downtown and back (yes, we rode Max just to ride Max), we stopped in Dick's Sporting Goods to help Carson pick out his first shin guards. Talk about bouncing off the walls excited!!!

My boy loves costumes to begin with so shin guards are the perfect addition to an already overflowing costume box! You'll notice that he already had on Buzz Lightyear for the day!

Big decisions! Built in sock/shin guards or shin guards with socks over the top! Who knew there were so many choices!
Later that night. Ready to ride and play!
And costume change #3!

Soccer itself was the CUTEST thing I've ever seen!! Carson was in love with the ball, the field, the coaches, everything! I didn't catch the picture in time but he was sitting on his ball when all the other kids were on the ground. Super cute! And pipsqueak!

Keaton is just a doll. We had two wonderful nights when he slept from 9:30-5:15. It felt great! Most of the time he gets up once. There are occasional, awful nights when he is up several times for random reasons. But the good thing is that he always goes back to sleep right away.

Our little peanut is growing steadily. At 3 months he weighs about 12 pounds. We have to constantly remind ourselves that he was born 3.5 weeks early and not to compare him to his brother who was a week late. He is doing great for his adjusted age and everytime I panic and take him to the doctor because I'm worried he's delayed, he picks that very day to do everything he hasn't been doing. Both times he's made me look like an idiot.

Keaton is very social. Laughs and smiles a lot. Still very chill but having some problems with spitting-up. Doc thinks he has a touch of acid reflux but we're not going to treat it unless it gets worse. Right now it just means I carry two changes of clothes for him and one for me.

His first day in 3-6 month clothes! Yay for new clothes!
This is how Keaton spends much of his day . . . chilling on my desk at work.
This is the aftermath of me "wearing" Keaton in his Ergo and trying to eat a protein bar over the top of his sleeping head. Result = chocolate all over his neck and shirt.
Carson discovered his LOVES vacuuming!! Cute little video of his newest hobby. Note the shin guards and head phones.

We are officially moved into my parents home for the duration of the addition! It was way more work than we thought it would be and are still discovering items we need to swing by and grab. But my parents have been extremely accomodating!!
They dismantled their office to turn it into a nursery for Keaton. After just 48 hours of us living there, they ran out to Bed, Bath, & Beyond and bought chair covers for the kitchen (Carson is the world's messiest eater) and covered their couch too. Pillows and all.
They woke up after the first wind storm and discovered Jeremy and I had taken their EIGHT wind chimes hostage for the duration of our extended stay. Nothing like the sound of clanging glass to wake you up in the middle of the night.
We're having fun so far! Taking turns cooking dinners, figuring out routines, and tag-teaming Carson's bi-polarness.
Speaking of our addition, I haven't posted pics on the blog but they are all on Facebook. If you would like to see them, please shoot me an email and I'll send you the link. It's going well but as most remodel projects, we're already terribly overbudget. The good news is, things are still running on schedule. New exterior walls start tomorrow with roof trusses coming next week!!

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