Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Where do I begin?

1. Worst Poo Blow-out EVER today --I heard the explosion during my physical therapy appointment today. My PT and I both giggled, plugged our noses, and kept going. I hightailed it to the public restroom and opened up a 110% overflowing Pampers.
I unwittingly chose today to put an undershirt on Keaton. Thank GOD!!! It managed to contain the paste. The thick green paste that coated my young son from socks to armpits. If I'd had scissors I would have cut it off. As it was, I threw it away.
I lost track at 13 wipes. I tried balancing him upside down on one arm while scraping away green paste with the other hand, praying that I wouldn't get sprayed with pee. It was HORRIBLE.
Picture of yet another poo blow-out later in the week.

2. The Poo Call --- on the way to swim class last night, we got the call. POO in the POOL!! All classes canceled for the evening. Refunds posted to your account.

We turned the car around and headed to Baskin Robbins for a sympathy cone. Carson was dressed his favorite new outfit. Picture head to toe blue camo fleece sweats and sweatshirt. Oh yes. Top it off with a Halloween black, wolf-head, Ninja mask.

In this fantastic get-up, Carson finished his cone, jumped down from his chair and "faced off" to the 4 year old boy at the next table. Literally. He walked up to the poor kid ninja-style, put one foot forward, both arms on his hips and knees bent. Ready for a Ninja battle.

The kid's jaw hit the floor at the audacity of this blue camo, wolf Ninja warrier. That's when Carson started throwing out karate chops and a few Ninja kicks for good measure.
I fell on the floor laughing and almost peed my pnats on the way to the car. My son will be an actor some day. I have no doubt.

3. I had a million other things to write about but both boys are asleep and I have a beautiful Nordland Christmas tree to light up. I shall throw in a few pictures and videos and call it a blog post.....
Super sweet Little Buddy!

Little Buddy laughing in his bouncy chair

Little Buddy laughing in his swing, keep your eyes peeled for the projectile spit up halfway thru.

Keaton running his nightly marathon on the changing table, usually naked.

Keaton has changed SO much over the last two weeks. He is catching up on his milestones like a champ! Super eye contact now and very interactive. He loves laughing and smiling. Sometimes he has trouble finishing his bottle because he can't stop smiling and the milk just leaks out.

He is discovering his hands, grabbing his pants, and holding his own hands in a dead-lock grip. Shouldn't be long before he's actually grabbing for other items.

Keaton is an amazing sleeper at night. Only wakes up once around 4 or 4:45 am for a bottle. It's slowly getting later and later so we're hopeful it's just a matter of time before he's sleeping all the way through.

Unfortunately he's developing some awful cat-napping habits. So by the end of the day, he hasn't had enough sleep and gets pretty crabby. It's leading to an earlier bedtime of 6:30 to catch up on the sleep. Pros and cons to that.

Will post the Christmas tree hunt pics later this week!

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