Friday, December 04, 2009

Merry Christmas!

The Saturday after Thanksgiving the Kuntz's and Rader's headed out on a chilly but beautifully sunny day for our annual Christmas Tree Hunt.

The irony. On the driest, least-muddy day we've ever experienced, we ended up getting talked into a new tree species, The Nordland. This amazing tree doesn't shed its needles. However, it is so new at the Helvetia Tree Farm that they are only a few years old and a few feet tall.

In order to buy an 8-9 foot tree, we had to purchase a pre-cut, imported tree. The whole process took all of 15 minutes. Hilarious. We didn't even ride the tractor out to the field to double-check for any neat nobles.

So for posterity's sake, we pretended to cut down the tree! Notice the gravel and tire.

And of course GO DUCKS!! Santa approved of the boy's not being in their Christmas sweaters this year in honor of our Rose Bowl bound team!

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