Thursday, December 03, 2009

All is Well, Almost

I apologize for posting such a traumatic post and then not following up right away.

I called the advice nurse after Carson went ANOTHER day without pooping and an expired suppository stuck up his keister.

Advice nurse said try a second and even a third suppository, preferably not expired.

Carson didn't even say no this time when I offered him some more bum candy. Sorry, but they do look like little sugar sticks. He merely bent over while watching Sesame Street, winced once, and fixated right back on the tv.

About 15 minutes later we went running for the bathroom. Didn't quite make it in time but the "cork" as we call it, painfully made it's way out.

Carson told me in bed that night, "Mommy, I like little poops. I don't like big poops."

But now we've spent the last 48 hours watching, and cleaning, MILES of poop out of this kid. Only about 1/2 has actually made it in the potty because the rest came shooting out too fast to control. GROSS for all involved. Thank goodness for pull-ups!

I am hopeful that the poop pendulum has found a comfy place resting in the middle. Not too hard and not too soft.


Little Buddy- poor guy is a barfaholic. He has three very distinct spit-ups.

The immediately following bottle, Pure Formula spit-up. Quantity, massive and requires a clothes change. Stink, not so bad.

The 1-2 hour post bottle, Chunky Vomit spit up. Quantity, much less but still requires a clothes change. Stink, getting worse.

The worst one, the just after waking up, PURE STOMACH BILE spit up. Quantity, more than a mouthful and absolutely requires a clothes change. Stink, AWFUL. It looks like clear water shooting out of his mouth but it's NOT.

I took him in to the doc Monday and we're trying Acid Reflux meds. The irony, he barfs up the meds. It's fun, so fun.

Doc said it would take a week or so to see if it works. If not, we move on to Nutramagin Formula. Cha-ching!! Super expensive, hypo-allergenic formula to see if he has a milk allergy.

In spite of all this, the little dude is gaining weight like a champ and still happy as a clam!

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