Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Yet Another Over-Reaction

I never worried about Carson. Yet here I am freaking out about Keaton more than a first-time mom.

First, my two panic calls to the doc that Keaton wasn't tracking well. Yes, we went in twice, a month apart because I didn't think he was tracking with his eyes or reacting to us.

Yet each time, he was perfectly fine, just a little behind, but normal for an early baby.

My latest freak out . . . Keaton's strangely shaped head. A tad flat on one side and a bit sticky-outy on the other. I was freaking out in private.

I stupidly Googled "Craniosynostosis", was horrified at the images and was certain Keaton didn't have that but was still concerned.

Then I started sharing my concerns with friends who's eyes bugged out of their heads when I pointed it out.

That only freaked me out more.

Today we trotted off to the doctor again.

Half of me planned for worst case scenario and I was already decorating Keaton's helmet with a fake mohawk and racing stripes so the other kids wouldn't make fun of him.

The other half of me said I was being paranoid and the doctor would send us home with a gentle hug and kind words that "your son is perfectly normal".

But then the medical assistant looked horrified when I pointed out the offending bump. I freaked out again.

But then the doctor came in and kindly explained that our sweet son is perfectly normal.

He has an asymmetrical head. The shape is most likely due to the time he spent breech. His still pliable skull was pushed up against my pelvis and got a little squished.

We were sent home with a hug and kind words.

Crisis averted. I can cancel the Amazon order for a synthetic mohawk and flame stickers.

On a bright note, Keaton weighs 15 and a half pounds today, his 5 month birthday.

In spite of his constant, CONSTANT, barfing, he is gaining weight like a champ.

After 3 weeks of unsuccessful feeding attempts of solid foods, Keaton's tummy, mouth, tongue, and brain put it all together last night and now he is eating HUGE amounts of food. It's so great and hopefully he can get a few more calories to stay down.

The little guy is a champion sleeper! Goes to bed around 6:15-6:30 and doesn't wake up until around 6 am. LOVE IT!

We still haven't hit the infamous 4 month tough sleep patch but I'm preparing for it ahead of time. I'm making a pact with myself to stop rocking him to sleep and start letting him fall asleep on his own.

It happened very accidentally twice now. The first time I laid him in his crib to run and grab his night bottle. I got back 2 minutes later and he was out cold! Shocking!

This morning I laid him in his crib with the mobile going to load up the car. It took longer than I planned (as it always does). I heard some minor fussing, ran and popped the binkie back in to buy myself more time. Came in a few minutes later and once again he was out cold!

Love that little guy!

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