Saturday, March 20, 2010

PICTURES! Finally!

Beautiful spring day! Headed to the skate park again and remembered the camera this time!

Carson getting very brave and adventurous at the end of our visit.

Carson had a great time riding the bowl and wowing his fan club of one. (One super dorky 40+ year old dude with a 10 speed bike, break-away pants, and a skateboard circa 1985.

Buddy slept through the first half but then enjoyed the rest of the visit. An active 7 month old, he would much rather be standing, sitting, or rolling around, anything other than stuck in a carseat or stroller. I don't want to jinx it but I think he may be crawling by the 8 month mark.

He is developing in a drama king!

If he isn't getting enough attention, he screams at the top of his lungs. But then instantly stops and laughs when you look at him.

When Carson was exploring new food flavors, he would make awful faces but was such a pig he'd even swallow his spoonfuls of peas or green beans as he was making barfy face.

Not Keaton. Try to feed him something he doesn't like, say a "puff" or a teeny bit of avocado and he gags and gags and gags until he barfs. Literally barfs ALL over himself. It's so gross it's hilarious.

Speaking of "puffs" . . . we had an unfortunate incident on Friday. Fridays are my "day off" from work when I have both my boys and we get to do fun things together.

Unfortunately I tried to open a can of "puffs" with my front teeth. The foil seal popped but took my front tooth along with it.

Thirteen years I've been waiting for this day. We've always wondered when my "temporary" fake tooth was going to give up.

Thirteen years ago I was the victim of a hit and run, just a few weeks before I graduated from college. My front tooth was knocked out and the college dental clinic used a temporary bondo-type product to make me a new one. It was only supposed to last 6 months to a year.

Thirteen years later it finally broke off.

At first I couldn't figure out what I saw flying across the room but then I felt my tounge shoot through the gap in my mouth and I started laughing. I couldn't help it.

The look was awful. Very trailer trash. Very ugly.

I found the tiny little partial tooth in the carpet and stuck in my pocket for memory's sake.

My wonderful mother let me drop the boys off at her office while I rushed down to the dentist for my repair.

The dental assistant asked me if I brought the tooth with me and I smiled broadly (a rather jagged grin) and reached into my pocket. For the second time that day, my tooth went flying across the room.

Five minutes later with three of us on our hands and knees searching madly, we found the stinkin' tooth bit. It had bounced up into the bottom workings of the dental chair. Good God.

It was a good thing because Dr. P was able to bondo it back in. It's temporary again. Even more temporary than last time. I'm pretty nervous about when and where it's going to choose to part ways with my porcelin again. When I least expect it.

Carson is now a firm believer that he should NEVER try to open anything with his teeth or they will pop out.

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