Tuesday, March 23, 2010

World's Cutest Kids Seeking New Daycare

My adorable boys just took their first bath together. I wish I could say the whole experience was as cute as these pictures but there was an awesome tantrum from Carson (3 going on 13) because he had to share his bathtub.

Regardless, it was super cute! Keaton is in an awkward stage. Too big for his baby bathtub but not quite steady enough for the big tub. So we've compromised by using this fun bath seat. He really enjoyed it!

I am very busy with work and now have the added stress of finding new daycare. We love Carson's current daycare provider but unfortunately she can't take Keaton too.

I'm going nuts trying to balance two different sitters in two different locations for Keaton and also taking Carson to school.

Commercial daycare centers cost the same as a mortgage payment, an expensive mortgage payment.

In-home daycares are half the price but honestly creep me out if I don't know someone who already has their kids there. I located two great ones but of course both had JUST taken on a new family and were full.

I go back and forth between wanting to cry and wanting to scream in my search.

I started visiting the commerical centers this week. I know the boys will do great where ever they are but it's so hard to stomach paying $2000 a month for four days a week.

How much is my sanity worth?

How much are my boys worth?

Is it all worth it?

I love my boys but I love working. I can't balance it all.

I can balance it all and I will.

I will find the right place.

I will.

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