Friday, September 03, 2010

Summer's Over!?! Belated Jun-July-Aug Pics!

Here we are on Sept 3...where did the summer go? According to the National Weather Statistics, Oregon just finished up the coldest summer in 17 years!! So really, we never had a summer!

But enough whining. The boys will probably only be asleep for a few more minutes so I'll focus on posting as many pictures of the summer as I can.

Beginning back in JUNE!

Blurry but so charming!
Trip to the Children's Museum with Nana! Carson, the Lion King
Riding the bronco at the zoo!
Keaton fell asleep at Carson's graduation from the "3's"

Wide awake at the zoo!
And now asleep at the zoo!
Warming up a before a charity fun run! Pose 1 for Eloise and Carson

Pose 2 for the actor and actress in training
And pose 3! Voters can submit at 1-800-DRAMA

Just a cutie!

Warrior Carson

Just helpin' out the landscapers!
Costume change #43

Just doin' a little bbqing

Just realized these are out of order . . . because this is the day at Mason's that Carson borrowed a pair of Carhartt overalls and couldn't live without a pair of his own!
Doing a little Jeepin' with Ian!

Carson and his BFF Eloise

Double Trouble! Look who we ran into at the fair! Mason!

Seriously, who keeps a 1 year old locked up in a stroller at the fair! ME!!

Carson, Mommy and Daddy had a special date night without Buddy! We went back to the fair for a late evening of watching the MONSTER TRUCKS!! Wooohoo!

Throw in some go-cart racing and it was the best night ever!

Press fast foward and now it's the State Fair! Check out that outfit! Oh the joys of self-dressing. One battle I usually choose not to fight.

Bumper cars!! I swear he had fun! I know I did!

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