Friday, September 10, 2010

This Ain't Your Sister's Ballet Class!

Ballet class ... graceful and dainty, giggles and pigtails, pink leotards and pink tights, pink tutu optional.


Enter Carson & Nathan.

Bulls in a china shop.
Camo lycra shirt, orange socks pulled up to knees.
Disney's Cars shirt & sweat shorts.

Behind the one way glass, sat three very enamoured mothers.

Two mothers cackling wildly at their son's antics.

One mother whose vision of pink leotards, pink tights, and pink tutus was crushed in a sweaty, loud mess of testosterone, camo, and chaos!

This video captured the first ballet lesson perfectly.

Emma, the pretty, pink sweet girl posed perfectly, and lept beautifully and gracefully over a carefully placed doll on the floor. I didn't get that on video but did capture this: (please turn up for full effect)

Nathan's mother just texted me..... Emma is no longer with us.
Her mother transferred her to the Monday class.

This ain't your sister's ballet class!!

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