Sunday, April 10, 2011

Did You Wonder if I Gave Up?

Where does the time go? I'm sure I've lost most of my followers but for my friends and family members who aren't on Facebook, here are some pics of my adorable blondies. Not in any order but cute none-the-less!

December- digging through his closet, Carson re-discovered his girl style capris from his Nemo costume at age 2 years 4 months. Only now he's 4.5 years old! Hilarious! 

 Welcome to the world of boys! Anything can become a launch pad!

 Our very talented Keaton at 16 months. Should he go for 3?

 Cardboard is the BEST, CHEAPEST entertainment ever!

 Best of friends, 80% of the time!

 Howdy Partner! I love dressing up like my big bro!

 It's a hoe-down, cowboy style! Swimtrunks, swim shirt, and onesie!

Costumes can be made from anything! Daddy's gymshorts and shirt too!
Random cutie-pie moment! Keaton is comfy in Jackson's toy basket.  

 All ready for the snow!! Keaton is wearing bowling shoes since we didn't have any itsie-bitsie snow boots!

 Carson's first Build-A-Bear experience! Loud noises are one of his sensitivities. Funny since he is one of the loudest people I know!

 Getting that bear clean!!

 Our shortest zoo trip ever!! Christmas Zoo Lights: freezing cold, bi-polar Carson, and tired Keaton. Ugh!
 Notice the scowl on Carson's face!
 Recent zoo trip. MUCH better! Keaton walked nearly the whole time and had a blast!! It was his first trip wear he actually got really into it.

 Snack time since Carson is VERY affected by his blood sugar levels. They were dangerously low which means evil Carson is sitting on the top step. 

More to follow! I have super fun pics on my iPhone that I need to send to my computer. Not great quality but GREAT way to capture our every day memories!

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