Sunday, November 26, 2006

Week 20- Happy Thanksgiving!

Jumping right into the holidays, Carson endured a 3 hour car ride to a small town south of Eugene to meet his extended family on Grandpa Rader's side! We celebrated Thanksgiving at 2 pm with Aunt Lori, Uncle Brian, Jeremy's aunt, uncle, cousins and their 10 kids and a few others as well. After stuffing ourselves on Thai food, turkey, ham, and more, we stuffed ourselves back into the car for the long ride back to keep on schedule for our second Thanksgiving feast of the day. Unfortunately Carson did not sleep for more than 30 minutes on the way back and screamed at the top of his lungs for the last 45 minutes. Apparently babies don't like sitting in the dark, wide awake with nothing to do! Combine the screaming with the rain and traffic and Mommy and Daddy were at the end of their ropes by the end.

Getting ready in the morning! Looking like quite the big boy in his sweater and jeans!Mommy and Carson!Grandpa Rader and Carson!
Grandma Rader and Carson!
In the evening we shared a feast with Grandpa and Nana Kuntz and Uncle Jeff & Aunt Liza. Carson stayed up a little bit past his bedtime and did attend the meal in his pajamas. He enjoyed playing in Nana's high chair while we ate and ate and ate!
Uncle Jeff and Carson!

The Rader Family!

If you look closely, Carson's bib reads, "Grandma's Little Gobbler"

The Kuntz's, Wheeler's, and Rader's (minus the photographer)

Nibbling on his yummy toys in his big boy high chair!

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