Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas #2 with the Bride Tribe

On Sunday before Christmas (I'm blogging a little out of order, sorry!!) we drove to Sheridan to celebrate with the Bride Tribe. That is Jeremy's mom's side of the family, all 30+ of us! Carson is still teething and we forgot the Motrin. This was a terrible, terrible mistake that we will never make again! He was really crabby and overwhelmed by all of the people. Yikes! But we had a good time and enjoyed the gift card exchange and yummy food!

Uncle Ross tickling me! I am so crabby that my Mommy let me have my Binkie. She must really be sick of me crying because she said no more Binkie except for nap time!
Family pic!
More family!
And more family!
Great Grandpa Bride
Security for the event!
Aren't these all for me?
Gift card? What is a gift card? Do I eat it?
Finally! A present for me!
Silly Great Grandpa!

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