Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas #3 with the Raders, Walkers, & Eisels

Christmas Day we drove down to Junction City to celebrate with Jeremy's cousins and families. Great Uncle Joe & & Aunt Judy, Grandpa & Grandma Rader, Cousin Becky & her family, Cousin Jenny & her family, and a few other family friends! Cousin Becky & her husband Corey have eight children and one more on the way!! It is simply amazing to watch this finely oiled machine in action as every child has a job and is so well behaved!

Hannah is 6 months older than Carson and could be his twin!
Does the slipper fit my lady?
More presents!
Grandpa & Grandma Rader
Merry Christmas!
The family!
More kids! Too many kids!
Thank you Grandma & Grandpa Rader for my new car!!
Love it!
Hey! Get off my roof!

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