Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Baby Boot Camp at the Zoo!

I'm still attending Baby Boot Camp about 3 days a week. With spring finally springing, another set of classes opened up at the zoo. So on Wednesdays when I have Ian and Carson, we're going to work out at the zoo class so we can stay and play afterward. Today was our first time. It was SOOO cold out but we survived and had a grand time!

Ian being stalked by a bear!
Carson stalking a camel!
Carson escaping from the stroller to check out the scene.
Warty pigs are kind of scary looking!
While it appears the seal is looking at Ian, he is in fact, blind.
Kisses for the seal!
Where'd they go?
Back again!
The view from the top isn't as exciting but these cables are sure fun to climb on!

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