Thursday, May 22, 2008

Curious George Meet Curious Carson

What happens when a living room is cleared of all furniture and toys for carpet cleaning? Throw in a distracted parent, a pair of keys, and a curious & bored toddler . . . bye, bye keys!!! Carson, stripped of his normal playthings, decided that the sub-woofer was a natural place to store keys. That round dark opening was just too tempting for a nearly two year old.

Hmmm, this cavity looks inviting! Just the size of my hand!
Bye, bye keys!
Mama, why are you so upset? I think I can reach them.
Nope. As hard as he tried, Carson could not rescue the keys. I even turned the thing sideways and tried to shake them out. No luck. Fortunately, they were not important keys. Not important to us anyway. I had put an old key on a key chain and Carson thinks it's the key to the lawn mower. So it is VERY important to him. The only word we hear more than mama, dada, and uh-oh, is "mo-mo" which means mower. He is absolutely infatuated with the ride-on mower. He thinks that the mower sleeps a lot because when we don't have time to take him down to look at it, we always say, "the mower is night-night right now Carson". That usually satisfies him until an hour later when he wants to wake up the mo-mo.

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