Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorable Memorial Day Part 1

We jumped on a plane EARLY Friday morning to visit our new nephew in California! We were so scared to wake Carson up at 4:45 am but he smiley and happy! The plane ride was pretty easy. Just a few screams from a frustrated, active toddler. My trip to the Dollar Store made the ride easier! Carson enjoyed discovering new (disposable since they were only 99 cents!) toys every few minutes or so. The best part was the sticker book! He loved picking out stickers to put on his coloring book pages.

He crashed hard in the car when we landed at 9 am. Unfortunately the one hour car nap was not enough to rejunenate him. He was a crabby mess by his normal naptime and refused to go down. Try after try after try. He finally went down at 4:30! In the meantime, we played with his cousin Thomas! Carson didn't really like it when I would hold Thomas. "Down" - which interpreted means Put The Baby Down Now!!

Lack of Sleep + Toddler + Travel = Recipe for Melt-Down City!! We beat several hasty retreats from Cousin TR's house in order to peel Carson off the floor and get him into his hotel crib. The first night he woke up screaming at 1 am. Not normal for him so we let him finish out the night in our bed. We all had neck pain the next morning from the ridiculously puffy hotel pillows. He woke up a raving lunatic at 5:50 am due to a very empty stomach and low blood sugar. Sent us scrambling in the dark to find food to bring back our normal child.

The second day was much better as he got back on his routine. We played at a park in the morning and he napped for 4 hours. We kicked Lori & Brian out of the house for a much needed solo lunch and shopping trip while Jeremy and I watched baby TR. Note to self: two kids sleeping at the same time is great but how often does that happen when they're both yours!

Here are some fun pics of Baby Thomas, also known as T.R.

Mommy Lori & Aunt Kristin & TR
The Cuz's and TR's Daddy!
Carson doesn't like to share a lap ;-)
Is this a new toy?
Okay- just one kiss for my cousin!
Slides are cool!
Video of the World's Slowest Slide! Turn up the volume because the end is super cute!

This drainage ditch makes a fun but dirty place to play!
Uncle Jeremy & TR
How long do I have to sit here?
When no toys exist, I have to make my own! Who knew chip clips could be so much fun!
Mommy Lori & TR
Diaper changing time!

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