Saturday, November 29, 2008

Big Boy Bed & More

Just catching up! We moved Carson to his Big Boy Bed two weeks ago. He LOVES it! Here are some belated pictures! Went with the cowboy themed bedding from Target and it fit right in!

Carson's first "Stawbuks" - hot chocolate, which as cute as it was, he only drank three sips and then spent the rest of the time showing everyone his "stawbuks" cup and eating up the oohs and aahs. Celebrating Poppa's birthday!

Just a little time with the zoo!

Not sure who had more fun with playdoh yesterday. I was making calls setting up appointments to show homes. As most mommies can, I was listening out of my third ear and heard Daddy say, "Carson go show Mommy this beautiful playdoh". Well Daddy is very artistic but I was not expecting this. Carson had no idea that Daddy had made him a pile of . . .
I absolutely lost it laughing as the poor seller answered her phone to a madly giggling, totally unprofessional Realtor. I had to start over three times. I think the lady thought I was a prank call. I don't blame her. The blame lays ENTIRELY on Daddy!!!

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