Saturday, November 29, 2008

Poop Dupe

I was duped! By poop!

Carson and I merrily unpacked Christmas decor this afternoon and his brain was on OVERLOAD. Mega stimulation makes it very difficult to nap. But nap time isn't up for negotiation (unlike eating and getting dressed).

He trotted off to bed.

It was quiet.

Then 5 minutes later, I heard Carson calling out from his cozy dark room. I ignored it. But something prompted me to get up. Perhaps that Mommy instinct when the hairs on the back of your neck go up. Something's not right.

I stood outside his door and listened. There it was again:

"Mommy! Me poopy!"

That was enough to make me break my "never open the naptime door" rule.

We hustled to the potty and within 3 seconds of sitting on the potty, Carson handed over his pacificier and said, "Me done sleeping. More Crissssmas." No poop.

I was duped, by poop.

As I type this, it just began again. This time I can hear him calling, "Mommy, me peepy!"

I am now wise to this ploy!!!

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