Monday, November 24, 2008

Madagascar, Movie Theater, and Mirilax Mis-Adventures

Oh yes, I'm blogging about Mirilax AGAIN!!! We just can't escape it!

Took Carson for his first real movie experience . . . the 100 inch screen at home is a super cool but not the same!

We were a bit nervous for two reasons.

1. Carson does not sit still for 1.5 hours, EVER.
2. Sitting for 1.5 hours in big boy underpants, terrifying.

Started off great! Found seats but had to cross over a family of two. Explained to the father that we might have to leave due to a toddler "in training". He nodded knowingly.

Carson LOVED the buttery theater popcorn and munched happily away. "Move it, move it" was his chant for the last 48 hours. That is the theme song to Madagascar and according to his young brain, this was also the title of the movie. He chanted it until the movie started (through 8 previews).

Every 5 minutes, I leaned over to whisper in his ear, "Do you need to pee-pee?" The answer was always no until about 45 minutes in.

Then, "Mommy, me peepee." I hustled him out of the theater, crossing over the seats and then ducking out the middle aisle. Ran all the way to the bathroom, which could not have been any farther away!! Quick poopy and we ran back. Carson told EVERYONE on the way back that he successfully released a bowel movement, "Me poopy!!!"

Crossed back over all the seats and in the quiet theater Carson announced loudly, "Daddy! Me poopy!!". All we could do was laugh.

Five minutes later, "Mommy, me poopy".

Repeat prior scene, only it was peepee this time. Once again, crossed seats, ran to bathroom, ran back, and announced in quiet theater, "Daddy! Me peepee!!"

Five minutes later, "Mommy, me poopy". I couldn't do it again. Sent Daddy this time. Repeat scene.

Five minutes later, oh yes. For the FOURTH time!! Repeat above scene. I felt so badly for the boy and his father next to us. Oh, and I missed a good portion of the movie. Sympathy for Mommy please! Damn the Mirilax!!!

Then with about 15 minutes left to go, Carson was done. It was reminicent of our last airplane ride with him trading seats between the three of us, putting the arm rests up and down, and kicking the seat in front of him. Thank God it was a theater full of kids and understanding parents!!

The upside, no accidents to clean up!

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