Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Perils of Potty Training - Take Three

We made it three days straight with no accidents. Unfortunately Mirilax or a nasty virus or the dreadful combo RUINED our record in a BIG WAY.

Started off great yesterday. After naptime Carson left me in awe with the biggest #2 in the potty. I seriously almost took a picture of it for Daddy so he wouldn't feel left out. But then realized taking a picture of poo is disgusting and wrong. Thought we were in the clear for the rest of the day and perhaps even until midway through the next day.

However, 25 minutes later "Mommy, me poopy" combined with the foul odor of "I didn't make it to the potty", sent me to the gag zone. Then it got worse.

While trying to peel off the diarrhea filled underwear, warm, oozy poo plopped onto my wrist. Fighting back the vomit reflex, I kept at it. Poor little Ian, who is just beginning to learn about the potty, was staring wide-eyed like a deer caught in headlights. You just couldn't look away from this one.

Tossed those ruined underpants in the trash along with 20-30 wipes. Between the underpants and the last #2 in the potty, I had to flushed about two pounds of solid waste. Phew, had to be in the clear now!

I couldn't have been more wrong! 10 minutes late the diarrhea devil struck again. Again Ian and I were awestruck at the amount of poo contained in the sagging Thomas the Tank underpants. Poor Thomas. Carson simply asked, "Big one?"

This time I couldn't bear the thought of throwing away another pair. Figured since cloth diaper mommies do it, I could try it.

Dipped, swirled, splashed, and gagged through 8 flushes of the toilet, trying to remove the cake-batter like poo. The boys were fascinated. I was horrified. It just solidified (no pun intended) why I was NEVER cut out for cloth diapers. Sorry you Greenie mommies, I am a disposable diaper, landfill filler, Pampers mommy for life.

OTHER than that, potty training is going great!

Taught Carson to pee standing up. Followed by a quick trip to Costco for the 150+ Chlorox wipes for the inevitable drips and spills.

Still can't figure out how to keep the pee from shooting over the rim. Tried having him lean over, that just got the pee on his shirt. Still open to suggestions. Getting tired of the mommy hand pee block technique. Great on a cold day but overall just wrong.

BIG BOY BED- On Sunday Carson came home from spending the night at Nana & Poppa's to find his new Big Boy Room all set up! He was SO excited!!!

We were so nervous that he wouldn't stay in the bed and had visions of us having to lock the door or baby gate it. Not a chance!! He loves his bed so much that he won't get out of it. He looks so sweet and little in it.

Pics to follow when I finish making new window coverings . Thank you to Target for supplying the adorable Cowboy Quilt! Matches the paint perfectly!!

Sorry for the lack of pictures! Carson's home sick today with a fever so will try to get some new ones!

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