Saturday, March 14, 2009

Baby Predictions and Binkie Addictions

Seven days until we find out if we're having a boy or a girl!!! So excited to find out! Carson tells us every day that it's a baby boy. With our last pregnancy he always said baby sister so I'm very curious to see if he is right!

In the meantime, Carson's friend Eloise made some predictions of her own. Eloise's mommy Laurel had to keep a very straight face during a very, very funny conversation. She shared it with me and now I have to share it with you!

E: Kristin has a baby in her belly?

L: Yes, Carson is going to be a big brother

E: Is it a baby sister or a baby brother?

L: They don't know if it is a girl or a boy yet.

E: I think it is a girl like me.

L: Maybe, but they don't know yet.

E: They need another girl in their family to have 2 girls and 2 boys (This kind of thing is a big deal to her these days)


E: Eloise will help with the baby. If Kristin says (and she hold up her hand to her mouth like she is yelling out to someone) 'Eloise, will you get a diaper for the baby.' I will get one for her. I am a helper.

L: That would be nice of you.

E: Babies have little fingers. Can I hold the babies hand if I am soft?

L: Probably, but we have to be very gentle

E: I will teach the baby about Princesses because Carson does not know about Princesses.

L: That would be nice.(long pause)

E: Mommy! I can send my paci's to Carson's baby sister!

L: (not missing a beat) GREAT IDEA! Let's pack them up tonight!


Note from Laurel: Soooooooo we have packed up all of her paci's. She has been in bed for an hour. Haven't heard a peep. Wish me luck. Tomorrow morning might be crushing ..... or it might be the most magical morning of the past 3 years.

Following up: Eloise woke up at 5 pm a little unhappy without her paci and managed to dig one last hidden paci out of her stuffed animal pile. Then proceeded to skip naptime because it was impossible to sleep without it.

The funny part is, Eloise, just like Carson can sleep just fine at school without a paci/binkie. Apparently it's us mom's that have the addiction.

Tonight we went to dinner at Eloise's house (thanks Laurel to a SCRUMPTIOUS dinner). Eloise was bursting with excitement to hand over her box of pacis for the new baby. Laurel and I secretly hid the box back in a cupboard for emergency use only ;-) Hopefully Eloise sleeps peacefully tonight!

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