Thursday, June 11, 2009

13.5 weeks to go!

Keaton and I had our 26 week check up with my midwife yesterday. Hard to believe that in just over 13 weeks (give or take a week or two) that he will be here with us! I'm hovering around a 10-11 pound weight gain and very happy about that!

My midwife looked mildly amused that I'm still running and wearing a support belt to keep Keaton off my bladder. She suggested swimming, clearly she doesn't know me that well because I have a serious aversion to water.

The belly check appointments are fairly boring to be honest. It's the same two things every time, measure my uterus and listen to Keaton's heart beating away. Don't get me wrong, I love hearing that sound and I'm VERY glad to be having an easy pregnancy without any further complications. The best part about yesterday's appointment was 25 minutes of quiet and a NEW People magazine while I waited for my midwife.

I also had to do the Glucose Test. For those unfamiliar, I got to chug 10 ounces of not-so-great pure sugar water. Then one hour later they draw blood to test to see if my body is processing sugars okay. Pretty uneventful. In fact, as I type this I realize they haven't called with results yet but I don't have any other symptoms of Gestational Diabetes so I'm not expecting a call to come back in.

Next appointment at 30 weeks! Then every two weeks until 36 weeks. Then once a week. Time is a flyin'!

Some things change and some things don't. I read back through my pregnancy journal with Carson and discovered that it was at almost the exact same time with both boys that I felt the need to find crib bedding. Too funny. FedEx delivered Keaton's bedding on Tuesday and I LOVE it! Online shopping is the best! Colors are very similar to Carson's but then I'm a creature of habit!

My superhero in action! Yes, he attended Grandpa Bride's 97th bday party in costume!
For some weird reason I am obssessed with taking pictures of Carson sleeping in the car. I don't know why but he looks so angelic and peaceful everytime! This time he fell asleep with a power bar in his hand and his face covered in chocolate. Adorable!

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