Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Camping Wedding Weekend

Camping at Trillium Lake, Mt. Hood for my friend Laurie's wedding.

* Gorgeous weather
* Picturesque Lake with Mt. Hood in the background with forest everywhere
* Beautiful wedding
* New truck hauled like a champ

* Carson: Two bloody noses, one massive road rashed elbow, several raging tempertantrums, early morning wake up calls
* Me: Getting bit on the first night by a mosquito the size of a hummingbird on my HUGE BELLY!
* Jeremy: Having to listen to a tantruming 3 year old and a whining, uncomfortably huge, pregnant 33 year old for 3 days.

Random story:

Me, 32 weeks pregnant in a formal bridesmaid gown. I'm not high maintenance and pride myself on being able to get ready in 10 minutes. However, I do require a blowdyer. Trillium Lake Campground, DRY camping (to you novices, that means no power, no water, no sewer hook-up).

While we are a bit spoiled and camp in a 22 ft trailer with massive batteries and enough water/sewer to last us for several days, we cannot use our microwave, A/C, TV/DVD player, or my blow dryer. Tough life, I know!

So I jumped into our MASSIVE new truck Saturday morning with blow dryer in hand searching for electricity. Laurie had given me directions the night before to find her parents rented cabin. Between her preggo brain/wedding craziness, and my preggo brain/late night exhaustedness, the directions were lost in translation.

I drove over a dam, several miles down a gravel road, and finally gave up when the pot holes were larger than my 20" wheels and the private property/no trespassing signs had bullet holes in them.

I circled back and racked my brain for a solution. Drove back to the campground and stalked the campground host with my growling Cummins diesel engine until he cowered like cornered prey. Pointing my blow dryer at him like a gun, I said, "Hand over the electricity or prepare to be . . ."

No seriously, I begged and pleaded like any high maintenance girlie for 5 minutes of power. He looked a bit confused but said yes, as long as I didn't tell anyone. Mission accomplished.

Big sign, little boy

Ain't no way you'll get me in that cold lake!
But apparently not cold enough to stop Carson from dunking his head in!

"Nature walk" as Carson kept insisting on every day
Family pic by crazy fisherwoman who woke up her 3 year old daughter at 4:30 am for the "best fishin'"- said daughter was fast asleep on the dock at 8:30 am when we came by.

Bloody nose #2
Even superheros get the blues

Preggo bridesmaid! Look how nice that hair turned out :-)
Preggo in purple-32 weeks, Preggo in white- 18 weeks, both expecting baby boys!Pre-wedding. Clean, fresh, cute
Post-wedding: shorts rolled up, soaking wet, & covered in mud!

Ummm, smores!
Fire safety lesson
While checking out my itchy mosquito bite, we discovered that my belly button had popped out! Didn't happen with Carson so we were fascinated and disgusted all at the same time.
This required a huge "BanBaid"

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