Monday, August 10, 2009

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back!

After three disasterous weeks in a row, we were just dreading tonight. After last week's 3 minute $16 swim class, Teacher Sierra ordered Jeremy back into the pool and Mommy to hide in the viewing room.

One step forward and two steps back.

This is how Jeremy described his feelings going into swim class tonight. But I tried to explain to him that raising a child is not always a forward motion activity.

For example, Carson has been in his current school with his same loving teachers for almost a year now. Yet he still hit a regression phases and for the last month, absolutely LOSES it when I drop him off. Hysterical sobbing like I'm never coming back.

But with my background in daycare, I know that 5 minutes after I leave, he will be fine. And sooner or later, he will go back to his easy going self and skip the drama drop off routine.

Tonight on the way to class, Carson interrupted his own constant chatter to tell us that "it is inappropriate to say that" . . .

Not only was he talking about himself, he used a very grown up word completely in context. I quite literally peed myself laughing (a little because I'm preggo and a lot because it was hilarious).

But then two minutes later his bi-polar pendulum swung in our least favorite direction and he got really pissed off. When Daddy said no more snacks Carson yelled at him (keep in mind we're "carpooling" to swim class and we'd just dropped off Daddy's car in a parking lot), "YOU GO BACK TO YOUR OWN CAR!!"

It was all I could do not to laugh out loud. Our tactic of choice at that moment was to ignore his tantrum. It worked well. After yelling that he doesn't like my car either and that we should get rid of it (more silent laughing from us), he quieted down and asked, "Mommy, you not happy?"


But back to swim class. It went great! Less than a minute of tears. Fortunately having Daddy keeping him company in the pool worked wonders. Unfortunately we only have 3 classes left before the next session starts. And parents can't be in the pool for the next session. Hopefully we can work out all the kinks before then!


1. Thank you to my wonderful cousins for throwing me a super fun family baby shower. Abbie and Becki, you're the best! And to the rest of the Bride Tribe, thank you for making the drive to Tualatin to help me celebrate Keaton!

2. I am done. So done. This baby is cooked and I am ready for him to be out. Why?

a. Heartburn: I made the mistake of bragging that it didn't happen with this pregnancy. Two days later, it started. Late in the game but here with a vengence.

b. Ever since the midwife flipped Keaton back into the correct head down position, my contractions have been coming every hour and get more and more uncomfortable by the day. The pressure on my cervix increased exponentially.

c. I can hardly work out anymore. I am out of breath. My contractions get painful. And I just can't keep up with the group any more. But I'm bound and determined to keep going.

Speaking of working out, here is a cool new advertising video for Baby Boot Camp. It's short and sweet and you'll see Carson and I several times!

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