Thursday, August 06, 2009

Outta the mouth of Babes

Speaking of babes, there were these two princesses . . . .

Carson loves his "Big Book of Classic Disney Stories" and today as he was yet again flipping through the pages "reading", he announced:

"Pocahantas has boobies on just like Ariel!"

Leave it to Disney to emphasize the female anatomy with bra tops and bare tummies.


I must admit, as much as I complain about the Horrible Threes, the good times do outnumber the frustrating times and the good times are HILARIOUS! Carson has a wonderful sense of humor, compassion, and a memory like an elephant! We love him to pieces and appreciate his intelligence, physical skills (which includes jumping into the air and landing on his knees, a move that would put either one of us in the hospital), and the fact that he still sleeps like a champ! I can only hope that his brother follows in his footsteps!

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